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    Welcome Bonus$1,500; Match: None20x-
    Credit CardInstant; Match: $203–6 Working Days-
    Debit CardInstant; Match: $203–6 Working Days-
    SkrillInstant; Match: $201-2 Working Days-
    ClickandBuyInstant; Match: $201-2 Working Days-
    PaySafeCardInstant; Match: $20N/A-
    QiwiInstant; Match: $20N/A-
    Bank Transfer3–5 Working Days; Match: $206-10 Working Days-
    NetellerN/A; Match: N/A1-2 Working Days-
    PayPalN/A; Match: N/A1-2 Working Days-
    ecoPayzN/A; Match: N/A1-2 Working Days-
    Cheque via MailN/A; Match: N/AUp to 21 Days-
    Cheque via CourierN/A; Match: N/A3–6 Working Days-

    Bonuses and Promotions

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    Mobile and Live Games

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    Software and Game Variety

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    Golden Tiger Casino Review

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    Golden Tiger Casino announce a huge winner!

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