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    Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard)€20 / €10,000; Match: 20€ / €1,000 Weekly, €2,500 Monthly24-48 Hours-
    Skrill€20 / €10,000; Match: 20€ / €1,000 Weekly, €2,500 Monthly24-48 Hours-
    Neteller€20 / €10,000; Match: 20€ / €1,000 Weekly, €2,500 Monthly24-48 Hours-
    Wire Transfer€20 / €10,000; Match: 20€ / €1,000 Weekly, €2,500 Monthly1-5 Working Days-
    1st Deposit€200; Match: 100%30x-

    Software and Game Variety

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    Casino Sieger Review

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    Bonuses and Promotions

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    Mobile and Live Gaming

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