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    Visa2.5%; Match: €10 - €20,003-5 working days-
    MasterCard2.5%; Match: €10 - N/AN/A-
    Maestro2.5%; Match: €10 - N/AN/A-
    SkrillNone; Match: €10 - €20,0024 hours-
    NetellerNone; Match: €10 - €20,0024 hours-
    PaySafeCardNone; Match: €10 - N/AN/A-
    EntroPay2.5%; Match: €10 - €20,003-5 working days-
    ecoPayzNone; Match: €10 - €20,0024 hours-
    Bank TransferNone; Match: €10 - €20,002-5 working days-
    Deposit Match€100; Match: 100%35x-

    Live Games

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    Permitted Countries

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    Mobile Gaming

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    Virtual Games

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