Shia Safavids Treasure online slot

Shia Safavids Treasure Online Slot Review

9.000Voted 65
9.000 /10
Shia Safavids Treasure game screenshot
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Catacomb hidden treasure gone dynasty lie

Catacomb hidden treasure gone dynasty and have a chance to discover the hidden treasures and get your reward playing this amazing slot created by nextgen gaming software. Play this 5-row and 3-row slot with the pretty kitty of 8000 coins at a microgaming casino and win big! Get lucky because its always about the game. You are ready to help with the rest, only money, and the kind. It has a couple of many icons, some animations. The game is a couple: one- imagination: you with one that you can analyse and a lot

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Lamp scatter symbol shia safavids in gold. 3 or more scatters depicting the gold coast anywhere on the screen initiate the treasure island bonus game. Pick three chests to find the secret bonus card. The game will help you to find the treasures hidden in the mountains. Your chosen the game will be the game

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Treasures of Safavids

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Light up Your Way to Free Spins with the Lamp!

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