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CodeName: Jackpot Online Slot Review

10.000Voted 50
10.000 /10
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100% match up to €150 + 50 free spins on Starburst!

Bring many exciting hour profitable play

Bring many exciting hour profitable! 3 or more scatters depicting pistol activate the special game attached to this free video slot. You can play 10 free games and get another 3 such games! The bonus game has the ability to increase your wins. The number of the coins, which you have chosen will depend on the amount. You can play 4 1, 5 6 7 pay 20 10 coins per quarter. You can learn all pays by clicking is the bet placed place

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Your Personal Lucky Agent

Codename jackpot video slot bring some impressive prizes! Before you begin to play in codename jackpot, the gamblers need to set the bets first. The coin size ranges from 0. 01 to 5 and the number of coins goes from 1 to the maximum of 20. Afterwards, click the button spin to activate autoplay. The 5 1 bet line will bring a progressive and 5 reels

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Video slot bring many exciting wins! You can play grave grabbers bonus game. Three scatter symbols appeared on the reels initiate this game. Choose the sides and the battle begins. Each vampire has its own secret. Three bonus symbols landed anywhere will be added to the rollers

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