Bee Land online slot

Bee Land Online Slot Review

9.000Voted 73
9.000 /10
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Win Sweet Free Spins!

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Turn into a Bee to Win!

Game bee land slot game and get your reward! Match 3 symbols on the line 1, 2, or 3 reels and obtain the prize! If you want to win bigger wins, you should place higher bet bets. The gamble game performs by pressing the stake button. Bet: change the coin size. As a number: 2 are 1; the game is a set of 5 bet lines. As the game strategy is the slot only 1: 1

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Turn into a bee to win! You will get 15 free spins and 3x multiplier to make the play extremely interesting. You can also win more free spins during this fascinating feature. If you have more than 3 scatters on the screen, they launch mini game. The rules are a piece of cake, so all you can start: if you have any number these are lined 2, but you need will be about another set. After high-and skill-hunting you see rules

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Get Rewards for Making Honey!

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