Amazon Lady online slot

Amazon Lady Online Slot Review

8.960Voted 93
8.960 /10
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Jungle Jackpots

Amazon lady video slot newer from bally technologies. Its got a medium volatility, an rtp of 94. 16% and some very impressive betting options. This slot is suitable for all the high-rollers, but we would rather play it safe to try out a different animal-themed slot machine. There are only one, but an way more of comparison than the better

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Turbos and Tigers

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Amazonian Beauty

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Amazonian beauty slot developed by amaya gaming. This slot is quite similar to aztec secret and treasures. This 5-reel game with 50 paylines is all about special features and bonuses. You can find the winning combinations with them. It is for sure that you could become interested in the amazing graphics, and generous bonus games

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Amazon Lady Slot

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More Jungle Enterntainment

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