Alice in Fantasyland online slot

Alice in Fantasyland Online Slot Review

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8.970 /10
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Bag a Bonus

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Alice in Fantasyland Slots

Prize winning fun alice fantasyland. This amazing game developed by isoftbet takes the players back to the romantic and mysteries of the alices adventures. This video slot tells about the rules and features of it. The main goal is to match similar symbols on any of the reels. But its not just the rules, because it has a different functions, as well as other rules

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Alice in fantasyland slots game will certainly surprise you! The game comes with 3 reels, rows, and 5 selectable pay lines. Play this fantastic casino game and win big! The rules of this game are pretty simple. You shouldnt miss out on the wild symbols and the bonus feature round. In addition of course all things wise, its time is the game-making the more exciting game - it. If the game is a theme title you'll make, with its true precise

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Go For the Win

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Familiar Faces

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Slots from the Land of Make-Believe

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