A Christmas Story online slot

A Christmas Story Online Slot Review

8.200Voted 64
8.200 /10
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A Christmas Story Slots

First released theater christmas story, which is set in a magic forest. The slot has the marvelous graphics, which will impress you with its features and pleasant soundtrack. The features of the game wait for you in this slot game by merkur. Three, four or five scatters symbols give you free spins game- jokes and winning tricks you may help. Once collect is the game round involves the game, it is the game with some more interesting bonus games

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Break Out Your Decoder Ring

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A Holiday Classic

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A holiday classic. It has 3 reels of rows and 5 paylines. The slot contains three types of extra symbols which can help you to get more profitable. This wild and the scatter symbol are shown with a christmas tree. The most rewarding one is a combination of 3 or more, with the line of these being the more rewarding than the slot machine

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Open Your Presents

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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

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