20 Slice Fruits online slot

20 Slice Fruits Online Slot Review

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7.940 /10
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Fruit icon mention opportunity win of 5 000 coins. All these wins can be doubled. The cherry symbol is the scatter symbol and substitutes for all symbols, except the fruit, which is free games symbol. When three and more of scatters appear free games feature. Three or more fruit symbols scattered on the game line will give you double diamonds, each 10 (3 tendency) 1 will unlock 12 unpaid bonus points

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20 Slice Fruits Slot Machine

Fruity spin free slice fruit. This slot is similar to cash crazy slot. You will see that it is full of winning combinations. You can play it online in any casino provided that you want to play it online for free. It is for fun and not for the ordinary

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Go for Gold

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Fruit Twist

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Fresh Fruits

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